Eliminating graffiti in your neighborhood

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Graffiti is such a nuisance in many parts of Phoenix and in many cities across our beautiful country.  Destructive youngsters with a twisted sort of values afflict even the nicest neighborhoods with their nonsense.

If you happen to live within the city limits of Phoenix, there are resources available provided by the City to help remove graffiti.  A recent news article mentioned that the City will actually be increasing the funding in it’s upcoming Fiscal year budget which begins in July to increase efforts to remove blight.

Currently there are a few ways to get some help with removing graffiti if your property happens to be victimized.  They include the following:

1. Call the 24 Hour Graffiti Removal Hotline at 602 495 7014.

2. Your Neighborhood Organization can borrow paint sprayers, weed eaters, paint rollers, brushes, buckets, ladders, brooms, shovels, garbage bags, wheelbarrows, pole trimmers, hedge shears, hoes, scrapers, loppers, rakes, water coolers and gloves for neighborhood clean-up events.

Other related and useful phone numbers include:

Graffiti Buster Program – 602 495 0323

Graffiti Vandal Catching/Reward Program – 602 262 7327

Tools for Neighborhood Cleanups – 602 495 0323

And finally, if you are passionate about contibuting some time to the “war on graffiti”, you can become a Blight Buster Volunteer – 602 495 0323.



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